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Parent Groups

Britannia School’s policy is to encourage close communication and cooperation between the home and the school as working partners. The school administration and teaching staff appreciate parents/guardians dropping by the school or phoning with concerns, comments and suggestions regarding all aspects of life at Britannia. At Britannia, every parent or guardian is automatically a member of our Britannia School Council. From this rather large body, an executive will be selected which will meet regularly with representatives from the teaching staff, and school administration. Parents are encouraged to become a part of our regular monthly meetings as they involve a valuable exchange of ideas on a number of school specific and general educational matters. Many parents appreciate the opportunity to maintain a close link with their child’s educational growth, especially in the years following elementary school. The Britannia School Council is a great way to achieve this link.

The group’s membership is made up of parents, students and staff, both past and present. The objectives are to provide support to projects that:

  • Maintain and enhance the school's image within the community
  • Foster pride in Britannia School.
  • Encourage and provide opportunities to the students of Britannia Junior High and make Britannia a better place to learn.

By working fundraising events everyone wins. Your children are able to participate in extracurricular activities. You don’t have to dig as deep into your pocket. The school and its facilities are expanded and improved. The school’s image is enhanced and it becomes a better place to learn and work. If you are interested in becoming involved in the Alumni or wish to work some bingos, please contact the school. Everyone is welcome; please help us with our youth.