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Regular Program

Britannia School’s core program is taught in 52 minute blocks.  Cross curricular projects are used to enhance engagement and learning. Staff use assessment for learning techniques and differentiated instruction to assist students to learn in a manner that best suits their needs.

For students that are struggling with their academics, Britannia School offers systematic, teacher-led intervention blocks throughout the week.  These sessions are used to help students build essential numeracy and literacy skills that support learning across all of the subject areas.

Britannia School is very pleased to be able to provide our students with a large range of complementary courses. It is our hope that this varied selection will expose our students to many new experiences, leading to new hobbies or even potentially future careers.

Our complementary courses cover many topics in the areas of athletics, career and technology studies, fine arts, and languages.  These include Art, Drama, Sewing, Knitting/Stitchery, Foods, Nutrition, Computer Animation, Lego Robotics, Video Game Design, Fitness (use of Fitness Centre), Sports Option (Volleyball,Basketball, Badminton, etc.), Guitar, Leadership and Study Skills.